Hi, I'm Sara

Born and raised in Livermore, CA (it’s southeast of San Francisco), I went to UC Santa Barbara for undergrad (fun) then to New York for medical school at Albany Medical College (not quite as much fun).

There were short research and clinical positions at UCSF and the Rez, then …I headed back to Cali for my OBGYN residency at Los Angeles County + University of Southern California and stayed on at USC as an assistant professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology.   

I currently work with the USC residency program, but the bulk of my professional time is dedicated to a USC private practice. My partners and I see patients and deliver at Good Samaritan Hospital in downtown Los Angeles.

I met my husband-to-be on match.com in my third year of residency. On our first date I apparently won his heart when I felt compelled to give him an extremely detailed account of how to assess male factor infertility with a device designed to measure a man’s testicles.  

I have a women’s care blog called ‘Dr Sara Twogood’s Lady Parts Blog’ that turns four this year. I also have two kids—a boy and girl—who are slightly younger than the blog, but much cuter.

two cute kids 


The birth of... a care package

I've loved beauty products my whole life.  At my wedding, my best friend talked about going to Kmart when we were 8 years old to buy facemasks. In the intervening years, I’ve become focused—even passionate--about natural products.  While hunting for something new and great has always been a big part of the fun, using something I really like always feels like a tiny vacation.

About a year into my career as an attending physician, I started a blog that focused on fertility and obstetrics. The blog entry that generated the most hits focused on my ‘Target’ shopping list for expectant mothers. It included all those things--sometimes surprising, if not slightly disturbing to the uninitiated—that a mother should have on hand in those weeks that comprise postpartum.

I started giving postpartum care packages as baby shower and delivery gifts to my friends along with at least a little postpartum advice from their ‘call me anytime’ OBGYN. Those packages focused a bit more on the medical practicality side of things and a little less on pampering...but it was the pampering (terrible baby pun there, sorry) that my friends responded to most. After my son was born and I experienced the remarkable challenges of postpartum firsthand, the idea for the Après Push Pack coalesced into a collection of the very best of those products.

In those moments I had between feedings, pumping and trying to be nice to my husband, I used all my organic and natural beauty products as picker uppers - a small luxury, a treat, a gift to myself for trying to do the best I could. And I only wanted organic, safe products so I didn’t feel I had to wash off my hand cream or wipe off my lip balm before cuddling and kissing my baby again.

I’ve gladly spent hours pouring over natural and organic beauty creams, lotions, powders, you name it - - testing on myself and anyone within reach, and picking out my favorites to share: small, U.S. companies with similar goals at their core - to help make women feel better (and yes, John Kelly chocolates make you feel better!). 

There was one corresponding philosophy that was central to the Après Push Pack’s genesis, and I go into that more in the "About: Postpartum Lady Parts From Head to Toe" page. So in general, there it is:  I designed the Après Push Pack to be the very best gift at the shower. I loved making it, I hope you will love giving it and they will love it and love you for giving it to them!