About 'Postpartum Lady Parts from Head to Toe'

Postpartum Lady Parts from Head to Toe

'Postpartum Lady Part From Head to Toe’ is the title of the booklet I’ve written that accompanies every Après Push Pack. Knowing what to expect and knowing that most of what will come up for a postpartum woman is normal, can be central to peace of mind. It’s a friendly, and (thanks to my lovely illustrator) beautiful booklet to help guide a new mother through postpartum.

In writing the booklet, beyond guiding you through your body’s reaction to a particularly remarkable physical experience, I was driven by a particular idea that I hope the Après Push Pack can embody. Postpartum is so often treated as a time to get past, to eliminate from our physical history as if it is purely a post-operative, passing weakness. There is a prevailing sense that every woman’s postpartum physical goal should be to return to the shape they were and to erase all evidence that pregnancy existed. I respect and admire choices that lead to healthy bodies and minds, but every woman should feel great about being the woman she wants to be and never shamed into forcing herself to fit a society’s preconceptions. I hope the Après Push Pack, with its focus on celebrating where you are right now rather than yearning to be what you were, can be a part of embracing the tremendous transformations of postpartum.