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A care package to elevate and celebrate the postpartum experience

A straightforward guide to preparing for and dealing with physical and emotional issues postpartum. 

A guide to that final Target run before baby comes. Stock up with essentials so you have what you need when you need it. 

A sprinkling of this quickly absorbable and slightly citrus-scented powder will leave your scalp feeling refreshed and clean. Let a little bit sit for a minute or two on the oiliest areas of your scalp and hair (while you sneak in a quick shower, or tooth brushing), and then gently rub in the remainder. No white will remain, even with the darkest hair / scalp. Alternatively, put a sprinkling on before you sleep and it will absorb by itself.

There will be tears - of joy, love, frustration and fatigue. Other fluids may be in evidence too.  Use something pretty to dab you dry. I keep one in my purse even now, when my oldest is 28 months, for his impressively limitless supply of drool.  He’s in the gifted program.

I kept my hair up and out of my face (and relatively oil free, thanks to the dry shampoo) for those first few weeks (even months). Babies grab, inadvertently. And your hair may feel like it’s thinning (that luscious hair you had during pregnancy, well, see my booklet to learn more). The last thing you need is those little fingers getting twisted up in your hair and wrapped around.

These ties from a friend’s company - they’re organic cotton - won’t make your hair crinkle, and won’t pull. They won’t imprint your wrist for hours when you keep it there. I swear, these will be in every store soon.

Made in Los Angeles a five-minute drive from where I live. Very dangerous. These are the real deal: delicious dark chocolate with the right amount of chewiness to the caramel (not enough to get stuck in your teeth), a sprinkling of crunchy, flake sea-salt, and a little goes a long way.

Prepare for the never-ending hand wash! With this cream, you can either heal dry, cracked skin, or prevent it in the first place. It is incredibly rich without being unpleasantly oily.  I use this cream every day, even now. Sometimes I use it all over when I want a special treat.

I hate Purell. I use it, or something like it, at work about 100 times a day and I’m over it. Jao was such a treasure to find. It smells delicious and feels so good and fresh and clean to use. I use it on myself, my son, my daughter, my husband, the table, the restaurant high chairs, the door knobs ... you get the picture.

Organic, safe for the baby, but still luxurious and entirely without that waxy feeling and chemical taste of so many other chap sticks. My son happens to love it too, and I don’t worry if he, shall we say, eats it. The unscented is a standard, but if you want a little color, go for the red cherry. I get compliments on it all the time. Oh, and GP likes it too.

I owe a few extra months of breast-feeding to this product. Nipples get so sore and lanolin feels sticky and unpleasant…I was ready to call it quits. The texture of Motherlove is right on – it changes from creamy to oily with contact on skin, making application easy and smooth. You will not be disappointed.

This mist can be used as a toner or a refresher throughout the day. Spritz 1-2 sprays around your general being and I swear, the subtle, beautiful scent rejuvenates your spirit. It’s the most refreshing picker upper you will get without a little umbrella in it.

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